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Differences Between Independent Living Vs Assisted Living

Independent Living vs Assisted Living

If you are searching for the phrase “differences between assisted living vs a nursing home“, this post should help. There are a lot of factors to think about considering the livelihood of your loved ones.

Making a choice between an independent and an assisted living situation for most seniors depends greatly on whether or whether not (or how well) they are able to manage their daily activities by their self. Daily activities include such things as personal hygiene, maintaining their own finances, preparing their own meals, ability to carry out household chores, managing medications, and driving or arranging their own transportation. Anyone that is having difficulties with any of the above independent daily activities should give some thought to an assisted living community, which would allow them to be have a maintenance free lifestyle.

More About Communities Of Assisted Living

Assisted Living is a wonderful choice for seniors who have problems attending to their daily activities in their own home, for they will be allowed to have an independent style of life when a resident in an assisted living community, however, they have support from staff members on a daily basis with numerous activities of the day which ranges from meal preparation to cleaning, laundry, housekeeping, and maintenance services.

These things are generally included as part of the monthly rental charges. Furthermore, also included are the utilities and transportation. Additionally, they have the opportunity of enjoying the peace of mind of a maintenance free style of life, which otherwise would not be possible. It provides the residents with an advantage of having free time for other things, such as out-trips, activities inside and outside of the community, as well as social engagement. Assisted living care services also offer assistance with medication management and baths.

More On Communities Of Independent Living

Independent living in contrast to assisted living is that individuals that still have the ability to live independently will still be able to enjoy being able to access assistance should they need too. Whereas, a lifestyle at an independent living community provides their residents the convenience of accessing medical care, entertainment, a dining area that serves great meals, and so much more…

Seniors can also have peace of mind knowing they will be living an independent lifestyle in a community that offers their residents a safe and secure environment, it will just have a minimal amount of assistance offered. Typically available, housekeeping, laundry, meals, and hospitality may not be included as part of the monthly rental charges.

Making A Decision Between Assisted Living Or Independent Living

When it all comes down to it, the decision on assisted living or independent living will be determined in the end on what your loved one’s needs are. There are some communities which can offer seniors both, independent and assisted living arrangements, letting residents gradually adjust and adapt as their needs are changing.

Always inquire about the different options offered from each of the communities you have in consideration, making sure that you ask them what other services will be included in the monthly rental and which is going to cost you additionally. You should always make plans for the future anytime you are taking into consideration your senior living arrangements. Keep in mind that, although your loved one may not be in need of any care needs at this time, does not mean they will not need care later on. When touring the communities, take time to speak with both, the staff members as well as the residents, this is so that you can gain all the information needed in order to have a better understanding of each before that final decision is made.

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