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What is Assisted Living?

If you may be wondering or searching for “what is assisted living”, this post will help answer some of your questions. When it comes to you or your loved one entering assisted living, it is good to know an idea what you are walking into.

Assisted Living Communities

Many see assisted living as being the best of both worlds. A resident is allowed to have as much independence as they want while also knowing that personal support and care services are there if they are needed. Assisted living communities have been designed in order to provide a person with assistance with basic daily living activities like dressing, bathing, grooming and much more. There are some states that let assisted living provide medication reminders or assistance. These communities are much different from a nursing home because they do not provide any complex medical services.

These communities range from a single residence to be a single care level in a continuing care retirement community. The whole physical environment of assisted living is quite appealing to both the families and potential residents. These communities are able to offer a home like atmosphere with apartments that include either a one bedroom or studio model. The kitchenettes will normally have a microwave and small refrigerator.

Who will need assisted living?

Residents will normally be seniors who have started to decline in health and are needing assistance with one or more daily living activities. Seniors who are wanting to live within a social environment with very little responsibility as well as a place where care can be easily accessed when it is needed are the seniors that you will find within assisted living. Statistically, common residents are often females within their mid-80’s.

The difference between Assisted Living, Independent Living and Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are for those older adults that will require constant and higher-level care than those who live in assisted living communities. Nursing homes have staffed nurses 24 hours per day.

Independent living is a care level that is below assisted living. These communities are a form of housing that has been targeted to a senior who is over 55 years of age. Independent living can have apartments or even single-family homes or a townhouse. Normally, there will be activities planned for the residents as well as some assistance with yard work or other maintenance. The residents are able to maintain as much independence as possible and can still perform daily living activities.

What happens when the level of care needs to be increased?

Most communities will let the resident age within the community. They can do this because most have on-site care and if not, they will work with local providers so that the residents are able to stay within the community as the care level increases. It is this type of care that will be paid in addition to the rent and will vary based on the care that is needed.

Types of Amenities and Activities in Assisted Living Communities

Normally, all assisted living communities will offer prepared meals 3 times per day and help with laundry and light housekeeping. Based on the community, a resident could have access to transportation, the post office, beauty salons, swimming pools and fitness centers. There are also some communities that will plan trips, events and activities that a resident can be a part of which range from concerts to happy hour. These communities range from a large campus to a small home, and so the amenities will vary based on the community. Another aspect that needs to be mentioned is that many communities will recognize that keeping a pet is important for a resident, and so some communities will let the resident bring a pet as long as they can take care of it.

How are these communities regulated?

These communities are regulated at a state level. It is because of this that each state will have policies that will regulate and define what services and care are needed for assisted living communities to meet the standards for the state. The state will set the regulations to make assisted living different from any other care facility. Some states may even monitor are safety, food, providers and care provided.

How much will assisted living cost?

The average for a private, one-bedroom apartment in these communities will run about $3100 per month or around $36,000 per year. These prices are around the cost of living in various areas. The price will change based on the room sizes; for instance a shared apartment is going to be less expensive and a larger apartment or two-bedroom apartment is going to be much more expensive.

How to pay for assisted living

Assisted living is paid using private funds but there are some exceptions. There may be insurance policies that will cover assisted living. Check the insurance policy to see if it will be covered. If the resident is a military veteran or is the veteran’s spouse, they may qualify for veteran’s benefits which will pay for the community. In some states, Medicaid waivers and funds can be used to help cover assisted living.

Assisted Living in Youngtown, Arizona by Ventana Winds Retirement

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