Retirement Bucket List
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Retirement Bucket List

If you’re dreaming of retirement, it might be a good time to start jotting down some bucket list ideas. Think about everything you want to do when it comes to goals, travel and exploration. Use our examples below to begin building out your ultimate bucket list!

Retirement Bucket List Ideas

Lots of retirees choose to make a bucket list as they head into their golden years. Now is the time to think about what you want to accomplish over the course of your remaining years. Of course, there is no right or wrong way to create a bucket list, these are simply some common items that retirees write down.

Travel Bucket List

❒ Visit all seven wonders of the world.

❒ Take a long train or road trip.

❒ Go on an Alaskan cruise.

❒ Check out the northern lights.

❒ Visit your ancestors’ country.

❒ Take a European cruise.

❒ Visit the strip in Las Vegas.

❒ Go to the Grand Canyon.

❒ Take a safari in Africa.

❒ Visit every national park.

❒ Visit Machu Pichu.

❒ Take a ride on the London Eye.

❒ See the cherry blossoms in Japan.

❒ Go island hopping in Greece.

❒ See Niagara Falls.

❒ Revisit the location of your honeymoon.

❒ Travel to every state in the country.

Hobby Bucket List

❒ Golf on a regular basis.

❒ Learn a new language.

❒ Take dancing lessons.

❒ Take cooking classes.

❒ Start doing yoga or Tai Chi.

❒ Plant your own vegetable garden.

❒ Start playing pickle ball.

❒ Join a badminton league.

❒ Learn to play a musical instrument.

❒ Start some new family traditions.

❒ Choose a new creative passion.

❒ Get your pilots license.

❒ Buy an RV.

❒ Take up bird watching.

Fun Bucket List Ideas

❒ Learn to read fortunes.

❒ Try to set a goofy Guinness World Record.

❒ Go axe throwing.

❒ Travel to the Bermuda Triangle.

❒ Play paint ball.

❒ Audition for a reality TV show.

❒ Sing karaoke.

❒ Get on stage for an open mic night.

Bucket List Beach Date

Bucket List Adventures

❒ Fly in a helicopter.

❒ Run a marathon.

❒ Swim with the dolphins.

❒ Climb a mountain.

❒ Do a polar bear plunge.

❒ Ride a horse on the beach.

❒ Get a tattoo.

❒ Get hypnotized on stage.

❒ Try out white water rafting.

❒ Take an unplanned plane ride.

❒ Ride in a hot air balloon.

Luxury Bucket List Ideas

❒ Fly first class.

❒ Go on a luxury cruise.

❒ Get a penthouse suite in a big city.

❒ Get courtside tickets to an NBA game.

❒ Attend a film premiere.

❒ Stay at a luxurious island resort.

❒ Go to a fashion show.

Bucket List Foods

❒ Try sushi in Japan.

❒ Eat New York City pizza in the big apple.

❒ Explore Thailand’s street markets.

❒ Brew your own beer at home.

❒ Tour a vineyard in the French countryside.

❒ Try tapas in Barcelona.

❒ Cook your catch after fishing.

❒ Stomp grapes to make wine.

❒ Extract honey from a beehive.

❒ Eat the hottest pepper you can find.

Legacy Bucket List Ideas

❒ Write a book.

❒ Make your family tree.

❒ Make a retirement bucket list video.

❒ Update your will(s).

❒ Make scrapbooks of all family photos.

❒ Create a cookbook filled with family recipes.

❒ Renew your wedding vows.

❒ Host a yearly family reunion.

Seniors Doing Bucket List Activities

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