How To Improve Memory After Stroke
Written by Brian B

How To Improve Memory After Stroke

If you are currently recovering from a stroke, use our 5 tips below to improve your memory.

Tip 1. Stimulate Your Brain Regularly

Try to play as many games as you can that require you to use your brain. The game could be as simple as checkers or as tough as chess. Engaging in any sort of game like this can help you regain your memory.

If you don’t have any board games, there are always several apps that feature a series of brain exercises. Some apps specialize in improving memory and cognitive function in individuals recovering from strokes.

Tip 2. Make Up Mnemonic Devices

Mnemonics are unique ways to remember specific things. Oftentimes, they take the form of an acronym like RICE: rest, ice, compression, and elevation. This is just an example, used by individuals to remember how to treat a sprain. It’s suggested to make up your own mnemonic for daily routines in order to personalize them for ease of memory.

Tip 3. Leave Reminders For Yourself

Leave notes in visible and often visited areas of your home. For example, you could leave a quick reminder note on the refrigerator to take your medication. Use your smartphone or standard clock alarm for more reminders.

Tip 4. Stay Organized

Making it easy to see items needed for daily activities will ultimately help you remember what you need to know and when it has to be done. One easy way to stay organized is to lay out your clothes the night before. Keep both your keys and phone in the same spot at home.

Tip 5. Stay Active

The experts recommend moving around as much as you can daily. A recent randomized control study looked at the impact exercise had on 40 chronic stroke survivors. Researchers concluded that the individuals who exercised saw significant improvement in their memory, cognitive function, and overall recovery.

Other tips to improve memory include:

  • Eating a healthy diet.
  • Repeating information several times.
  • Working with a speech specialist.

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