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Best Place To Retire In Sun City Arizona

Ventana Winds recently featured in Sedona Wind’s article title “Best Places To Retire In Arizona 2017”. We were rated #1 for Best Places To Retire In Youngtown, Arizona!

Sedona Winds wrote, “Ventana Winds is the best retirement community in Sun City that offers Assisted Living, Pathway Assisted Living & Memory Care services. Call Ventana Winds Retirement Community Today at (623) 583-2460!”

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About Ventana Winds Retirement Facility

Ventana Winds (located in Youngtown, Arizona) offers two unique living facilities to choose from. Their three story Assisted Living Facility is surrounded by two beautiful courtyards which appear to be focal point for a lot of their outdoor activities, they also provide lush garden views from the resident’s homes.

Living Quarters: Ventana Winds offers large one & two bedroom Assisted Living apartments.

Amenities: Their large facility offers activity outings, TV room, transportation, activity room, library, billiards, resort style dining room and a sparkling pool.

What Your Apartment Comes With: Microwave, large kitchenette area, refrigerator, window treatments, walk-in closets, individual air conditioning and heat, ceiling fans, bay windows, private patio or balcony, and large floor plans.

Tour Of The Facility

About Sun City, Arizona

Sun City, Arizona has slowly become one of the most active retirement communities in the United States. Sun City hosts a large retirement community about 15 miles from Phoenix and only a short drive from Peoria, Arizona. The population of Sun City around 48k residents and growing. In was first founded in 1960 by Del Webb. Sun City has tons of activities for retirees,  2 bowling centers, 3 country clubs, Viewpoint Lake, and the Sun Bowl..

Most of the retirees who move to Sun City never leave. It’s easy for retirees to find friends, the costs aren’t all that high, it’s easy living and there are endless amounts of things you can do in your spare time.

So Many Options To Choose From

Sun City Arizona has  8 golf courses, 7 recreational centers, and more than 120 clubs. Fun and entertainment are easy to come by in Sun City. It’s also a great place for swimming, sewing, weaving, dancing, singing, and more.

Opportunities Are Limitless

In Sun City, there are so many opportunities to choose from. You spend most of your life working, now it’s time to have some fun.

Explore Sun City Recreation Centers

With so many leisure activities to choose from, you won’t have any trouble finding sport courts, swimming pools, social halls and studies. Each center is a place for all types of different amenities and activities. There are also 2 bowling rinks where you can go bowling, and an amphitheater for performances and concerts.

Don’t Forget About Golf

You can get into 8 golf courses by paying low cardholder fees. There are over 1,000 acres of land in Sun City that is dedicated to golf. You could literally play at a different course every day for 7 days.

Conveniently Located in Youngtown, Arizona

Ventana Winds is located near everything you or your loved one will need.

Medical Offices In Youngtown, Arizona

Government In Youngtown, Arizona

Assisted Living In Sun City & Youngtown, Arizona

Searching for Assisted Living In Sun City or Assisted Living In Youngtown, Arizona? Ventana Winds Retirement Community can help! We offer the highest standard of assisted living services in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Call us today at 623-323-1796 for more information or to schedule a tour.

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Can The IRS Seize My Retirement Money?

The IRS can legally seize a variety of types of retirement money, including IRA’s, 401k plans, and self-employed plans such as SEP-IRAs and Keogh plans.

The IRS can seize your retirement money if you have access to it. Meaning, if you knew that you owed taxes while putting money into a retirement account, they will deem that conduct as flagrant. Any flagrant conduct will open the doors up for the IRS to seize the owed taxes from your retirement account(s). Any type of flagrant conduct, including tax evasion, fraud, or making additional contributions while taxes are owed will legally give the IRS rights to tax your retirement money.

The IRS cannot seize your retirement money if, you can  prove that no flagrant conduct took place or that you depend on your retirement money. The IRS Manual states in that retirement money cannot be levied if the above situations are relevant to your situation.

Ways to protect your Retirement Money From IRS Seizure

Most clients we see are forced to live off retirement income because of losing a job or being laid off. When the 10% early distribution penalty hit, they don’t have a way to pay the owed taxes. So, if your sole source of income is taking distributions from money in your retirement accounts, the Internal Revenue Service will want to liquidate your retirement accounts to pay taxes.

In order to protect your retirement account from IRS seizure is to, first, know that the Internal Revenue Service can only access your money if you can too. If you can’t access your retirement account, then neither can they.

Many people are denied access to their retirement money until they die, retire, become disabled, or don’t have a job anymore. As long as you are employed, the IRS can’t touch your retirement account. Although, in this case, they make look elsewhere, such as your wages or personal assets.

The Internal Revenue Service will back off if you can establish that they have zero rights to your retirement account. Although, there have been cases of aggressive Internal Revenue officers that will levy assets, wages and non retirement assets.

However, the Internal Revenue Service is usually hesitant to levy retirement accounts. Although, it’s always better to have a professional tax person who will assist you in cases like the above.

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