Does Medicare Pay For Assisted Living
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Does Medicare Pay For Assisted Living?

What financing options do Medicare, Medicaid, and others provide for assisted living residents? Let’s take a look below.

Assisted Living Coverage Options

Cost is always one of the biggest factors when it comes to choosing the right assisted living community for your loved one. Prices for assisted living care will depend on floorplans, services, amenities, accommodations, and location. As you carefully select the type of care you’d prefer, you must know how the expenses will be covered if Medicare helps with any of the costs.

Medicare For Assisted Living

Typically, Medicare will not extend coverage for long-term or assisted living care. There are certain situations where Medicare covers qualified healthcare costs at these communities. Medicare is generally used to cover the costs of home healthcare that’s provided by skilled nursing facilities.

Medicaid For Assisted Living

In the state of Arizona, the Arizona Long Term Care System pays for care-related services for state residents living in assisted living communities. The System, however, will not pay for room and board. Assisted living residents will be responsible for different basic living costs depending on their coverage and location.

Other Financing Options For Assisted Living

There are some assisted living communities in Arizona that offer private funding options for residents. If an individual happens to have long-term care insurance, this will cover a portion of the costs associated with assisted living.

In most cases, assisted living residents pay for care out-of-pocket. They fund these services by selling assets like homes or other valuable properties. There is a wide variety of resources and ways that seniors pay for assisted living care.

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