11 Signs It Might Be Time For Assisted Living
Written by Brian B

11 Signs It Might Be Time For Assisted Living

Here are 11 common signs that it may be time to consider assisted living care for your loved one.

1. Chronic Health Issues

Unfortunately, chronic health problems will only worsen with age. Additionally, the immune system can weaken, meaning illnesses will last longer at this point. If your loved one is experiencing any sort of chronic issues, then now is the time to consider a transition into assisted living care.

2. Aggressive Behavior

Individuals suffering from dementia will become more and more agressive as the disease progresses. This is not a reflection in any way of how the individual is being cared for, it’s simply an effect of dementia.

Caring for someone who exhibits aggressive behavior can be overwhelming. Verbal and physical abuse are clear indicators that 24/7 care is needed. Dealing with an aggressive individual is a task best left to the trained professionals.

3. Recent Falls/Injuries

The frequent occurrence of falls in and around the home is an indicator that alternative care is necessary. Mobility issues are all-too-common for seniors, and there are many problem areas in most homes. If your loved one takes a nasty spill and can’t get to the phone to call for help, it could have disastrous consequences.

4. Difficulty With Daily Tasks

For some seniors even the easiest of tasks can be difficult to accomplish. When typical housework like cooking and cleaning becomes too complicated, it may be time to consider assisted living.

Most assisted living communities can take care of a residents’ daily needs. Meal plans, along with laundry services and routine cleanings will help rid the burden of tougher daily activities.

5. Forgetting To Take Medicine

This is one of the most important areas to monitor if you are concerned about a loved one’s health and safety. Forgetting once in awhile is okay, but if this becomes a pattern, it’s very worrisome. A medicine regiment is crucial to keep health conditions under control. Try looking into some systems for daily reminders. If the system(s) fails, though, assisted living care is the best option.


6. Bad Eating Habits

Inability to cook will undoubtedly lead to a decline in eating habits. This doesn’t just mean poor nutrition, it could mean eating during irregular hours, as well.

Thankfully, assisted living communities will provide meal and snack services each and every day. Good nutrition is vital to maintain both physical and mental health. Assisted living communities can cater to your specific dietary needs and restrictions.

7. Poor Hygiene

When suffering from dementia, good hygiene is one of the first things to go out the window. Individuals may not bathe as often or cleanse properly. When this becomes noticeable, it’s wise to start looking around at assisted living options.

8. Isolation

Seniors struggling with physical or mental issues will not drive as often. This could unfortunately lead to withdrawal from society. Symptoms of isolation or depression should trigger the thought of extra care. Communities will typically offer a plethora of activities designed to promote social interaction.

9. Sundowner’s Syndrome

This is a condition where individuals with dementia become more agitated at day’s end. Essentially, this is when seniors have exerted all of their mental energy for the day. Sundowner’s syndrome is a clear sign that someone can’t survive independently.

10. Wandering

As mental awareness wanes, loved ones may be concerned about individuals wandering off and getting lost. This is a valid fear because it happens often to seniors. If this a concern of yours, do not wait until it is too late to put your loved one in a safe and secure environment.

11. Caregiver Stress

There may come a time when caring for a senior is simply overwhelming. Caregiver stress is common, whether it is a loved one or paid professional. Whenever care proves too difficult, it’s time to look at assisted living options.

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