Things To Know Before Moving To Arizona
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15 Things To Know Before Moving To Arizona

What should you know about the great state of Arizona before moving there? Let’s take a look at 15 things that make the valley so unique.

1. Low Cost Of Living

Of course, there are some expensive places to live in the valley, including Scottsdale and Fountain Hills, but there are several very affordable places to call home in this state. The cost of living in the Phoenix area is actually 5% lower than the national average, according to PayScale. Rent is also affordable in other neighboring cities like Tucson and Tempe. The average income in Arizona is $59,000, currently.

2. Some Like It Hot

If you don’t mind the hot and dry summers, then you will love Arizona’s weather overall. Typically, the climate is dry and sunny throughout the year, with the winters and springs offering mild temperatures. From October to April, Arizona is a paradise for those looking for outdoor activities. The state in general sees a large influx of tourists during these months. Monsoon season is June through August, bringing some much-needed rainfall to the valley.

3. More Than Just A Desert

There is far more to this state than its desert landscape. Mountain ranges are always within eyesight, with colorful cacti surrounding urban areas. With 433 cities in Arizona, residents will find a variety of canyons, lakes, forests and skyscrapers.

4. Monsoons And Haboobs

Every area experiences inclement weather, and the valley is no exception. June to September is Arizona’s monsoon season, where residents will experience strong winds and rainstorms. Haboobs, which are large dust storms, generally follow in the monsoon’s footsteps.

5. Growing Population

The affordable cost of living combined with a booming job market have made Arizona a premier place to live. Phoenix is listed as the 5th-largest city in the country. Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Sedona continue to grow due to many retirees settling in these areas.

Phoenix, Arizona

6. It Does Snow In Arizona

The northern half of this state will experience some snowfall during wintertime. Areas like Phoenix and Tucson will remain warm year-round, but cities like Flagstaff and Sedona can become winter wonderlands.

7. Great For Sports Fans

Known as a golfer’s paradise, the valley offers many world-class resorts and destinations. From Sedona to Tucson, retirees’ can enjoy their favorite hobby in style. The PGA’s Waste Management Phoenix Open is played annually in Scottsdale, as well. There’s more than just golf in Arizona, though! Residents also enjoy watching teams in all four major sports, including the Diamondbacks (MLB), Cardinals (NFL), Suns (NBA) and Coyotes (NHL).

8. The Wild West

Long before Arizona was even a state, it was home to some of the world’s most infamous outlaws. Many historic gunfights and showdowns occurred in the valley, as well. Many of these old western towns remain preserved, which makes for some great day-trips.

9. Diverse Food And Drink

Have you ever tried a Sonoran dog or cactus jelly? Well, if you move to Arizona you will have try some of their diverse food and drink offerings. Try a Sonoran dog and wash it down with the desert-inspired prickly pear margarita.

10. The Grand Canyon State

The world’s greatest wonder, otherwise known as the Grand Canyon, is located in Arizona. Residents can enjoy breathtaking views of the mile-deep gorge that spans 277 miles.

Grand Canyon

11. Booming Job Market

The higher cost of living in some of the most desirable spots in the state can be offset by an abundance of job opportunities. Arizona features a growing tech industry, with Apple, Uber and Lyft recently setting up offices in the valley. Small and large companies continue to flock to Arizona for its affordability and innovation.

12. Most Sun In The U.S.

The state of Arizona gets 299 sunny days per year, which is the most in the entire country. Even the sunshine state of Florida does not receive as much sun as Arizona. Get a healthy dose of vitamin D when you move to the valley of the sun.

13. Tourist Season

Many people, especially retirees, desire a place like Arizona because it seems very isolated and secluded. This is certainly not the case during the cooler months. This time of the year will bring a lot of tourists to the area. Known as “snowbirds”, these tourists will cause an increase in traffic from October to April.

14. Fewer Tax Burdens

Arizona offers less tax burdens for residents compared to other states. Allowing residents to keep as much of their income as possible has helped the valley grow exponentially for several decades.

15. Beautiful Scenery

Arizona offers much more than gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. The valley of the sun is home to some of the best scenic hiking trails in the world. Sedona is home to the famous red rocks, plus mountain ranges, lakes and desert beauty can be seen all over the state.

Monument Valley Arizona

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