Best Low Stress Jobs After Retirement
Written by Brian B

Best Low Stress Jobs After Retirement

Are you looking for some work after retirement, yet want to keep the stress to a minimum? Here are a few of the best low stress jobs after retirement.

Tour Guide

There may not be a more relaxing and enjoyable job after retiring than guiding tours. With this role, you’ll likely be interacting with fun and excited tourists. Share your knowledge of the area or certain landmarks as a paid tour guide. A great benefit of this job is the flexible hours since most tours will run at nights or on the weekends.

Data Entry

Perhaps working as a tour guide doesn’t appeal to you since you’ll have to leave the home and interact with lots of people. If you’re instead interested in working from home, then a data entry position could be a perfect fit. Data entry appeals to many because you won’t have to deal with customers all day, unlike customer service representatives. All you might need for this position is a laptop and basic computer skills.

Customer Service Representative

Many people do miss the social interaction that was created in the workplace. For these type of retirees, customer service roles are ideal. In these positions, you will either speak with customers on the phone or interact with them online. A large majority of these positions went remote during the pandemic, so there should be many openings.

Career Coach

The younger generation is constantly seeking career advice. That is where you could come in! Consider the idea of helping those in need of career coaching. If you’ve seen it all during your working days, then share your knowledge, including resume and interview tips. Online video platforms like Zoom and Skype can be used to do this job from home.

Career Coach


Previous experience or not, writing can be a great outlet for retirees. For those looking to start out writing, there are plenty of online opportunities. Some gigs may not pay at first, but the experienced gained will come in handy. Consider performing the role of editor if you have years of experience.


You might have ditched many hobbies once your career took off, but retirement is the time to pick those fun hobbies back up! If playing an instrument was a big part of your past, you can now implement it into your present and future, as well. Place an ad or look for any musicians wanted in the local area. Sure, the pay might not be great, but this is about the joy of music.

Pet Sitting

There are many ways to get more animals in your life. Thanks to numerous websites and applications, dog walking or pet sitting is just a click away. Busy adults nowadays are looking for people to walk their dog(s) during the workdays. You can even offer to watch the animals overnight.

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