Is Arizona A Good Place To Live
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Is Arizona A Good Place To Live

What should you know about Arizona besides the Grand Canyon? Well, for starters life in Arizona features far more beauty than one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

In fact, the red rocks of Sedona, Horseshoe Bend and Saguaro National Park are just a few tastes of the scenic views offered in the valley of the sun. Phoenix was recently ranked as the 5th-largest city in the U.S., and it continues to grow each day. With more and more people choosing to move to Arizona, here is a look at some of the pros, cons and best spots to call home!

Pros And Cons Of Living In Arizona

Here are a few of the biggest advantages and disadvantages of life in Arizona:

Pro: Low Cost Of Living

According to BestPlaces, Arizona is more affordable than the majority of the country. Whether you are looking for a small studio apartment or large family home, chances are good that you’ll pay less than expected in the valley of the sun. Combine the low cost of living with the state’s booming economy and strong job market, and the future is certainly bright in Arizona.

Con: Summer Heat

From October to April, it’s nearly impossible to find a more comfortable place to call home. The summertime, though, can bring some extreme heat to the area. Arizona frequently hits triple-digit heat during summer days. The good news is an escape is not far away! If you live in Phoenix, a short two-hour drive north can get you to Flagstaff, where the month of July experiences an average temperature of 82 degrees.

Pro: Sunny Days

The state of Arizona gets 299 sunny days per year, which is the most in the entire country. Even the sunshine state of Florida does not receive as much sun as Arizona. Get a healthy dose of vitamin D when you move to the valley of the sun.

Con: Lots Of Tourists

Many people, especially retirees, desire a place like Arizona because it seems very isolated and secluded. This is certainly not the case during the cooler months. This time of the year will bring a lot of tourists to the area. Known as “snowbirds”, these tourists will cause an increase in traffic from October to April.

Pro: Scenery

Arizona offers much more than gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. The valley of the sun is home to some of the best scenic hiking trails in the world. Sedona is home to the famous red rocks, plus mountain ranges, lakes and desert beauty can be seen all over the state.

Con: Rattlesnakes

This is probably something you already know about Arizona. Yes, rattlesnakes live in the Arizona deserts. While you are on one of these scenic hikes, pay attention to where you are placing your feet. Arizona averages a recorded 150 rattlesnake bites per year.

Best Cities To Live In Arizona

Beyond the bigger cities like Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona has many other hotspots that continue to attract residents, including:

Youngtown, AZ

This town’s fascinating history quickly made it a favorite for retirees. Incredibly enough, Youngtown is actually the oldest retirement community in the U.S. In the mid-1950’s, developers began on an ambitious project: create the country’s first-ever planned community solely for retirees. The name Youngtown was, of course, ironically planned. Measuring just over a mile in total area, Youngtown boasts a small population, filled with the best retirement communities in the entire country. From November through April, the weather is nearly perfect, with average temperatures ranging from 76-86 degrees.

Peoria, AZ

Peoria is located northeast of Phoenix and Glendale. Due to a plethora of available land, Peoria is home to many top-notch retirement communities. Enjoy scenic views daily, and check out the Salt River which flows right through the city. Peoria’s crime rate is below the national average and the climate is ideal; topping out at 94 degrees in the month of July. Money Magazine recently named Peoria as one of the top 100 places to live.

Surprise, AZ

With a population of more than 135,000, Surprise continues to grow each year. Featuring low humidity and tons of sunshine, it’s no wonder why so many retirees are flocking to Surprise. Enjoy a much lower cost of living here, when compared to both Scottsdale and Phoenix. Sports lovers will know how special this place is. Whether you want to hit the links or catch a baseball spring training game, Surprise is the spot for you!

Sedona, AZ

You will not be able to find a more scenic location to call home than Sedona. More than six million acres of red-rock beauty surround some of the best retirement communities in the state of Arizona. Countless old western films were shot in this beautiful city, about two hours outside of Phoenix. If you are a retiree who enjoys outdoor activities, you can’t find a better spot than Sedona. Enjoy horseback rides, jeep tours and scenic hikes all throughout the year. The only downside of living in Sedona is the rising real estate costs.

Sedona Arizona

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